About The Carrie Flower Curriculum

Throughout early development, children go through a variety of experiences and are not properly informed on how to react. A friend is sick, a mom is in the hospital, or a grandparent passes away. These circumstances are scary and not easy to talk about.  Many children experience peer confrontations and/or isolation, due to individual differences.  In addition, many of our children live in environments, with little chance of overcoming most of these issues.

A child’s social-emotional development provides them with a sense of who they are, how they learn, and helps them establish quality relationships with others. It is what drives an individual to communicate, connect with others and more importantly helps them resolve conflicts, gain confidence and reach goals. Building a strong social-emotional foundation as a child, will help the child thrive and obtain happiness in life. The Carrie Flower Series will help equip children, with the skills, to handle stress and persevere through difficult times in their lives.

The Carrie Flower Curriculum was created to help teach and foster these abilities in children, using a metaphor that encourages us all to see ourselves as flowers in a garden.  We are all unique and special, with different shapes, sizes, and colors. Together we make a beautiful bouquet.