The Carrie Flower Social and Emotional Curriculum

Is teaching children resilience, empathy, conflict resolution, and decision making important?

Empower Children ... The Missing Piece

The First Book in the series “Meet Carrie Flower,” deals with:

  • Caring for yourself and others
  • Developing empathy
  • Asking for help from friends and family
  • Learning new skills
  • Being healthy by exercising, eating

The Second Book in the series “Carrie Flower Goes to Camp” deals with:

  • Accepting other who are different
  • Making friends
  • Getting along with small groups of friends
  • Prejudging others 
  • Identifying similarities and differences
  • Personal traits
  • Identifying and expressing feelings

The Third Book in the series “Carrie Flower Goes to the Hospital” deals with:

  • Accepting help from others
  • Assisting others
  • Displaying generosity
  • Responding to directions
  • Developing coping skills

The Fourth Book in the series “Carrie Flower Learns to Deal with Teasing” deals with:

  • Learning about teasing
  • The effects of teasing
  • How to respond to teasing
  • The role of the bystander
  • Characteristics of a child who teases
  • Developing resilience in children
  • Understanding social norms